Ana- Marie Lockyer- General Manager Wealth Products ANZ New Zealand (retreat attendee)

I would recommend the Emotional intelligence retreat to anyone and everyone. It was the perfect mix of self-reflection, self development, connection with like minded individuals, comfort and discomfort. Samantha is the perfect host and the perfect coach who ensured attendees pushed themselves to achieve positive outcomes, truly focused on themselves, and had fun.

Samantha also engaged her passionate and talented network to support the retreat with focused sessions on yoga and getting back to nature.

The retreat was everything I did not know I needed!

Frances Bates-Crisp Operations manager InfraCore (retreat attendee)

Sam’s retreat has given me the opportunity to really and deeply get to know myself- what makes me up, my fears, aspirations and dreams. Trust the process because this experience is profound and life changing!

Kirsty Davies- Functional Manager Fisher and Paykel (retreat attendee)

This has been such an incredible experience and in only 5 days my life has truly been changed. Sam is an excellent teacher, friend, coach and peer, who instantly makes you feel welcome and holds space for you until you are ready. It has been an intense few days but I can’t believe the amount I have learnt about myself and my inner critic and even the self management tools I have learnt and can take away to ensure I am living my best life.

Naomi Mitcheson- Business Development Manager (retreat attendee)

Insightful and life changing!

I came feeling exhausted with physically and mentally, I’m leaving feeling relaxed and energised. I couldn’t have asked for more of a supportive caring group to spend 5 days with.

Fiona Scadden- Environmental Manager at Coastwide Resource Consultancy (retreat attendee)

These days away with Sam and a bunch of incredible women has had a profound effect on me being able to see my real potential. Not just understanding but fully accepting what I can and need to do to fulfil my potential has had a huge impact on how I see myself and others as a leader, mum, friend….as me!

Daria Williamson- Business Owner Potentiate Consulting (retreat attendee)

The Emotional Intelligence in Practice retreat was a wonderful opportunity to step away from the busyness of everyday life to make an investment in myself. Sam’s facilitation skills are excellent – she guided us through a journey of discovery in a truly supportive environment and helped us create action plans to continue the learning and development back in the “real world”. I cannot recommend this retreat highly enough.

Marie Purcell- General manager Child Cancer Foundation (retreat attendee)

I came to the retreat with a deep desire for learning and self acceptance. I no longer wanted to live in my pain body. I left after 5 days rested, well equipped and full of skills to welcome the women I had always been chasing.

Edith Sykes- General Manager People and Capability at Ballance Agri-Nutrients (multiple services)

We have had the pleasure of Sam Tomkinson’s influence and expertise in the arenas of strategic leadership potential, emotional intelligence, team development (including executive teams) and key talent coaching over the last 5 years. Whilst Sam is an organisational psychologist, her consultancy ‘superpower’ has come from a deep and expert understanding around leadership and emotional intelligence, an ability to see, challenge and unleash the potential of teams or individuals and a style that allows people to trust and embrace the experiences she lays out for all. Sam is one of those rare and unique talents, whose wisdom and inspiration has always taken us to a better place. On top of that, she is super easy to work with! 

Dr Hannah Mueller- Ecologist (retreat attendee)

Sam facilitated a fantastic weekend full of learnings and laughter. Her wealth of knowledge meant we took away insights into emotional intelligence, the body-mind connection, analysing the impacts of our past and how to influence our future. My biggest personal learning was to recognise that resilience does not mean soldiering through challenges by ignoring my emotions - instead Sam taught us how we can accept emotional challenges and work with them to become truly resilient.

Shaun Piper- Operations Manager (ongoing coaching)

If you truly want to grow as a person and a leader, I have found no one else that even comes close to Sam. Her blend of care, empathy, insight and steel make Sam a unique coach and wonderful person, one I have no hesitation in recommending to others. There is no doubting Sam’s ability to delve into and explore the underlying psychological reasons for who you are, and importantly in my case, the difference between that and how you present yourself to others. Sam helped me realise my “package of professional practices” I called my toolbox was not a reflection of me as a person, it was a reflection of 50 other leaders I have admired, respected and learnt from. With Sam’s amazing guidance and challenge I have over time largely changed the way I interact with others now. I now value myself more than the combined toolbox of 50 others, my confidence has grown, relationships have deepened and leadership effectiveness expanded. Thanks to Sam I see an exciting path of personal development ahead, endless opportunities to grow and be excited about! Before bringing Sam into your life you must accept that none of us are perfect, that Sam will challenge you and that change is not only good, but incredibly rewarding. Be prepared to be uncomfortable and perhaps even have some of your core beliefs shaken. At her core Sam is not there to teach you the latest method or approach, to add another veneer. Sam’s strength and passion lies in stripping away the layers and developing the person in the room with her.

Adrian Hutchinson- Director Culture Capital (peer)

Sam would be someone who both lives authentically, in every way every day, and leaves her clients (individual or team) with more possibilities to perform than before. Sam has an instinct for people beyond her years, and has often left me speechless with her observations and rationales of an individual's unique driver or and organisation's sub-optimal performance and the reasons for it. In short Sam can see through the small and big picture, synthesise them and help bring meaning and energy to the way forward. Make no mistake, whilst Sam is a specialist in human behaviour, and what is regarded as the softer side of people performance, she has a tough steely side to hold people and progress to account. If you really want to perform better as an individual, team or organisation then Sam will be a cornerstone for truth, accountability and responsibility. In addition to the professionalism on offer Sam also brings a great sense of natural fun and light to sometimes challenging proceedings.

Ian Cathcart- Managing Director (team workshops)

As part of the development of our strategy we looked at the group dynamics of the team to move everyone towards the high performance goal. Even faced with difficult external players joining the group and disrupting the process Sam remained firm and fair in moving the team to the end point. The group coaching dynamic was well received and this was taken to the next level with one on one sessions with the leadership team and then the wider management group. More than 20 senior staff of the organisation participated and the feedback amounted to greater self awareness from everyone. From a personal perspective as the GM I found it compelling and empowering. Sam's experience helped my personal confidence and belief to develop and cemented over the cracks of doubt that exist regarding my leadership style. It also confirmed through science my observation on the team dynamics and the challenges I have faced making the team function optimally. Sam is very personable and engaging with a genuine energy for all that she does. It's infectious!

Francois Barbeau- Accounting Manager (team workshops)

Interestingly what I gained not only assisted in the work situation but just as importantly closer to home with my adult children. My son of 33 said he noticed a huge change and was very thankful for it as I am. Thank you Sam.